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Useage Policy

Solway Basketball Club Inc. offers it's website for use by Club members for the dissemination of information such as team structures and dates for each season, event details, basketball links, coaching and playing reference material and club information. The club also provides online registration and uniform / merchandise ordering from the site with payment being made through a secure portal to it's Banking provider. All financial transaction data is carried out on the bank's site in accordance with Australian law. All transaction amounts on this site are quoted in Australian dollars (AUD). Goods sold are not subject to shipping and are only sold on a collection from point of sale basis.

If, for any reason, goods need to be returned, they must be returned in original, unused and undamaged condition in the original packaging within 14 days of pick-up.
If goods are damaged and not fit for use, they will be returned to the manufacturer under standard warranty protocol. The club will reinmburse the purchase price in full where goods are returned under these terms.

If a registered player withdraws from the competition before the second grading game, the club will reimburse the registration costs in full. If a player withdraws after the second grading game, a partial refund will be made, depending on how far into the season termination is. There are no refunds for players who withdraw after the halfway mark of a season.