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Frequently Asked Questions

The club is in the process of compiling this page of frequently asked questions.

If you would like to see a question here please contact us and we'll do our best to make it available to the wider Solway Community

Q:I don’t feel that my son/daughter’s game was fairly refereed, what can I do about it?

A: Waverley has a feedback form for its referees that can be found here: http://wavrefs.weebly.com/index.html

Q: When we play against another Solway team, how do we know who should have the yellow tops?

A: Because the club will be fully transitioned to the reversible tops, clash tops will soon be a thing of the past! (See our uniform page for more details) The team listed second is the team that wears the yellow tops (e.g. Solway Red vs Solway Yellow)

tops).  This aligns with the Waverley Policy.

Q: Who finds the coach or team manager for my child's team?

A: Though the age group coordinators try to match the appropriate coach to the team, we do have older players who have played at the representative level coaching with support from the club but we are ultimately a volunteer run club and rely on parents stepping up to fill these roles. If you are able to help or are considering doing so please contact the club to discuss.

Q: What is Waverley Basketball Association's Policy on 'fill-in' players for the junior competitions?

A: On occasion, teams may be required to find a player to fill in to make up numbers for a particular game when needed.
Fill-in Players, in any Waverley Competition, a player may fill in from a lower age group, however, players cannot fill in in the same age group. ( e.g. A under 10 player may fill in for a U12 team).  Players, once they have filled in for a team, are locked to that team for the season (i.e. an U12 player cannot fill in for one U14 team one week and a different one the following week).  They cannot play in two teams of the same age group, not even if one happens to be on a Bye. There are also restrictions on the Section from which players may be source, e.g. a Section 1 player cannot play for a Section 4 team in the next age group.
Though these are not posted in the WBA website they are in the bylaws, and we need to adhere to them.  Because of the complexities, all fill-in players are to be sourced from the appropriate Age Group Co-ordinator who will ensure we are compliant. Under 8 players cannot use a U8 player from another team to be a Fill-in player as an emergency, though under special circumstances, some arrangements may be able to be made - again, the U8 Age Group Co-ordinator will assist.