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The Venues used by Solway for Training and Games

This page details some general infomration about the different venues Solway uses.

Ashwood College

Address Vannam Drive, Ashwood
Getting There When you go up vannam drv, you drive past the school (on your right) and the drive way for the car park is just before you reach poplar ave. You go to the top of the car park near the oval and the court building is right there. To get in, you need to walk around the right hand side of the building to the main door.
Key You will need to nominate who is going to collect and return the key each week (so the teams training in the 6.00 to 7.00 pm timeslot won't need to do anything unless the teams before/after are not going to train).
Key Location Refer to Document send by Venue Coordinator at begining of season. This cannot be published for reasons that will be obvious when you read the document.
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