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A full team listing is available from these pages. Click on the relevant link on the right for your age group.

Game times are available from the Waverley Basketball Association website.


PLEASE NOTE: Cut Off dates for Age Groups are player's current age at June 30th for the following Summer Season and December 31st for the following Winter Season.

The Solway Basketball Club Committee undertakes the huge task of placing children/players into appropriate teams based on prior knowledge of the player and/or assessment of the player’s skills and friendship groups, during the Club’s registration period. This ensures that there is a number of people involved in the process and due consideration is given for each player.

In the lower age groups of Under 8’s and Under 10’s the focus is more on participation and teams balanced on skill and friendship groups.

As the children develop and grow through Under 12’s the focus starts to move more into teams being selected based on their skill set with a consideration of friendship groups.

In the higher age groups of Under 14’s, 16’s and 18’s the intent is to clearly structure balanced teams based on skill capability and clearly run Grades (A, B, C & D).

The Club understands there may always be extenuating circumstances that necessitate special consideration. Where this is required, we request this be put in writing via email to the Solway Club at the same time as registration. Use the contact form.

Equally there may be times when a parent may disagree where a child has been placed and wish to raise queries. Once again, we request that this be in writing directed to the Club. This ensures we have a clear picture of the nature of the request or concern and can address it accordingly.

Once teams and specific players are placed into teams, the Teams including Coaches and Team Managers will be published on our website. They will also be emailed out directly to all Players, Coaches and Team Managers.